Wide Range of Applications

Systems for managing carparks must be capable of being integrated into different environments. For example, an office building carpark places different demands upon the system when compared to the requirement of a hotel carpark or a shopping centre carpark. This is why Sun Singapore’s SunPark® equipment are available in a wide variety of designs and functions. This allows us to provide a wide range of products designed to meet various customers’ requirements :

  • Cashless Car Parking Fee Collecting System
    –        Cashcard Parking System
    –        Electronic Parking System (using ERP technology)
    –        Camera-based Parking System (using Vehicle LPR technology)
  • Other Car Parking System
    –        Vehicle Access Control System
    –        Remote Car Park Operation and Management System
    –        Ticket Parking System (for overseas market)
  • Parking Guidance System
    –        Parking Guidance System Using Ultrasonic Lot Sensors
    –        Parking Guidance System Using Wireless Lot Sensors
    –        Road-side Parking Guidance System
    –        Video Parking Guidance System
  • Customised Parking Solutions
    –        Taxi Management System
    –        Taxi and Flight Information Display System

With SunPark® products, Sun Singapore offers systems that answer virtually every issue regarding fully automatic cashless parking space management in Singapore. Expertise acquired over a decade in Research and Development, coupled with continuous technical development, has ensured that SunPark® products have achieved an enviable leading position in Singapore.

Everything under Control
With a Windows-based operating system, it is extremely user friendly and easy to monitor the entire system. The system also supports remote access through the modem, thus making it accessible from anywhere.

All existing Industrial Computer based parking system can be expanded with additional equipment, or upgraded at anytime, thanks to SunPark®’s open system structure.